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We grow, engage, and establish your restaurant digitally while the online community is consistently looking to the web to help them choose where to eat.

Increasing your website traffic and capturing quality leads for your restaurant entails having a strong digital marketing plan. A strong digital marketing plan helps your restaurant become more visible when searching for restaurants customers may not have tried before or improving your restaurants local search results. Resulting in more community exposure and customer loyalty. By incorporating our digital marketing tools in one restaurant marketing strategy we are able to help people find you first when they search for a spot to eat with their friends or family.

Here are a few restaurant marketing services & strategies we recommend to help grow your business:


Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it, there are times we don’t even know what we are craving to eat, we might not want to drive far to eat or we simply don’t know where we want to eat. This is where the power of search engine optimization comes in to increase opportunities for your restaurant. Utilizing search engine optimization will not only help your restaurant become more visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing but it will also increase foot traffic through your front door.

Email Marketing

Integrating email marketing into a restaurant marketing strategy is a way to stay connected and engaged with customers even after they leave the restaurant. Email marketing is cost effective because you’re targeting an audience that wants to hear from you. Whether this content may be in regard to coupons, happy hour specials, or new brunch menus that your restaurant might want to share. By creating a strong strategy with great content your customers will react positively to your email marketing efforts.

Social Media

Everyone loves sharing a great meal on their social media! Taking pictures of food has become a standard for everyone that we even have a name for it, Foodstagramming! This is one of the biggest reasons why having a restaurant social media strategy is so important in today’s world. When customers are tagging, sharing, liking, or commenting on your restaurant’s social media it gives your brand a voice and speaks volumes to potential customers while keeping current customers loyal, happy, and coming back for more.


Reputation Management

Most people do research before going into a restaurant for the first time. As a result, online reputation is one of the most important restaurant marketing strategies your business depends on. It is one of the largest driving factors that bring potential customers into your restaurant. Review, reviews, reviews! Everyone looks to reviews for recommendations for restaurants, what meals are customer favorites or “must tries” in your restaurant. Knowing how to manage positive and negative reviews is important to upholding the image and brand of your restaurant. Customers research everywhere for reviews such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Therefore, keeping a positive reputation on all 4 is important in driving more traffic to your restaurant.

“Reputation Management for my restaurant has helped my business extremely. Keeping up with reviews and managing my online brand has increased traffic and customer loyalty.”

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