What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the process of monitoring and responding appropriately to ratings, reviews, comments on social media, customer questions, and reviews. Some online platforms that customers use for buying decisions include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and so much more. Depending on your business and the products you’re offering depends on where your online reputation management should be focused on.

Why is Online Reputation Management so important?

While technology is consistently evolving it’s critical that businesses are evolving with it. Learning how to build your online reputation effectively in 2019 is vital for your business to set itself apart from the competition.

Before a customer is willing to purchase a service or product, they largely weigh out their decision based on social media and online review sites. Taking this into account, having a positive brand image can highly influence a customer’s decision to purchase your product whether you’re a small coffee shop or a large retail business.

Your online reputation is essentially how you want the online community to view you and what type of personality your brand wants to express. Online reputation is your chance to show customers how you care, why your care, and what you care about.

How can you show that you care?

  1. Time – Responding to customer questions or reviews in a timely manner shows customers that care to answer their questions and solve their problems. Responding as soon as possible shows customers that they are important and their complete satisfaction with your brand matters.
  2. Thoughtful – How you respond is extremely important. All your responses should have thought and concern behind them. Also, personalizing your response shows that a real human is making an effort to reach out and connect with every customer.
  3. Consistent – Being positive and consistent shows equality with every customer no matter who may be engaging with your brand. However, consistency does not mean “be generic” in your responses. Finding a balance between consistency and being personal is the perfect recipe for a positive online reputation.

While reputation management might feel tedious it increases the likelihood to build brand loyalty. Showing customers that you care about their concerns, questions or simply care about the same causes that they care for encourages more engagement on social media and encourages them to come back and purchase more products. For example, showing how your company contributes to charities or volunteers in the communities they may live in influences the way they engage with your brand.

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