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Social Integration helps businesses make smarter investment decisions using advanced data insights. Our drive for results and solution-oriented specialists separate your business from the competition by utilizing the most innovative tools and tactics on the market. We give you the solutions, strategies, and tools you need to make your vision into a reality. We tailor your business, your visions, and your goals to create digital marketing campaigns that ignite growth and drive results. Big or small, we are determined to propel your business forward.

Marketing Purchase Funnel

The purchase funnel is a simplified way to visualize the journey a paying customer would take through the sales process. This pyramid type of funnel starts wider from the top where you would find a large number of people that are engaging with your brand and working down to the final sale. By visualizing the process a customer takes to make a purchase, you can see the complex process our digital marketing company takes to provide the right strategies for you and your brand.


Facebook Ads have given my company the ability to target the exact customers that matter to me and my business. There is no other marketing solution in the world that allows me to target exactly who I want to speak to at the exact time I want to speak to them.

Joe Parente | Principle
Parente & Normen Associates

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