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We integrate your mission, values, and principles to customize a digital marketing strategy that helps great law firms get more cases.

Get help expanding and growing your law firm. Our team of dedicated experts to the Legal Industry know how to grow and expand your presence to the right audience at the right time. Creating a successful marketing strategy for the legal industry is all about building relationships and rapport. As an attorney, earning the trust of your clients and creating transparency is what makes a great attorney-client relationship. We ensure that your legal specialty and professionalism is reflected through your online presence.

At Social Integration, we put the search in research by analyzing trends and search habits to better understand how to build, optimize, and promote your legal practice to get you more cases.

Here are a few legal marketing services & strategies we recommend to help grow your legal business:


Website Management for Law Firms

Walking into a courtroom with a proper suit and tie is standard for first impressions. Think of your website as the same concept. Our team of website developers makes sure that your legal practice website has the best first impression with every visitor. We guarantee your website is buttoned up and tailored from your landing page to your overall website functionality. Having properly functioning contact forms and easy navigation is potentially what may be standing in the way of you and your next client.


Paid Advertising for Legal Services

We want your legal practice to stand out amongst the rest. Paid website traffic or pay-per-click- (PPC) advertising for legal services is an effective way to increase your website traffic to potential clients.


Reputation Management for Law Firms

Reputation Management matters for your law firm due to the volume and content of your firm’s online reviews which gives your legal practice a boost to improve visibility and position you as a trusted expert in your surrounding areas. Grasping a hold of your reputation online decreases the risk of negative reviews or client dissatisfaction. Reputation Management validates that your potential clients are making the right decisions when choosing you to represent them.


Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

We know how important social media presence can be to help grow your business. Connecting with your community through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more can show credibility and build trust while stimulating word of mouth through clicks, shares, and likes. Having a social media presence can also show your potential clients that your morals and principles align with theirs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Law Firms

By utilizing effective search engine optimization tools our SEO specialists ensure that potential clients stay on your website and convert into potential leads. By integrating SEO into a digital marketing plan your website will increase in website authority and will be viewed as a trusted website to visit. By optimizing your website this will result in your legal practice prominently showing up in local search results, targeting the right people in the right places.

“Facebook Ads have given my company the ability to target the exact customers that matter to me and my business. There is no other marketing solution in the world that allows me to target exactly who I want to speak to at the exact time I want to speak to them.”

Joe Parente | Principle
Parente & Normen Associates

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