Having a strong online presence for your medical practice website is more important now than ever before. Adults are using the internet more frequently to search online for health information. Understanding how your website can benefit from that will make all the difference for your healthcare practice. More importantly, finding ways to stand out amongst the continuously advancing digital world is fundamental to marketing and online reputation.

Here are a few tips our Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency follows to build the best healthcare websites:


Website Performance

Website performance does not only mean that your medical practice website design is functioning properly. It encompasses so much more than that and becoming a master at this will always keep you ahead. Having a clean and modern look to your medical practice website design isn’t only appealing to the everyday user. It also ensures that you’re staying up to date with the latest technologies making your website more user-friendly. While having a functional design on your website helps you stand out, the page speed is something to also be aware of. Your website should be loading quickly with no broken images. If your website takes longer to load users will instantly bounce out and search for a faster website with quick answers. Website performances are crucial for mobile responsive functionality. The ability to access your website on all devices enhances positive user experiences and is the first impression users have with you and your medical practice.


Website Content

Having rich website content on your medical practice website helps users see what your practice offers, builds trust, and develops long-lasting relationships. Your medical practice website should have an educational page explaining every condition treated and every procedure or treatment performed. In order to build credibility, we recommend a biography for each main practitioner. Along with rich content, search engine optimization (SEO) directly impacts your ability to be discovered on the internet. Some SEO functions include meta descriptions, meta page titles, and backlinks. Lastly, we recommend your healthcare medical practice has a quality call to action for quick and easy accessibility. A call to action can be something as simple as the ability to schedule appointments online, generating more email subscribers, or encouraging users to follow your social media platforms.


Website Functionality

Verifying that your medical practice website functions properly can be done in several simple steps such as having functioning photos and videos in order to have a more positive user experience. We recommend having photos of examination rooms and equipment. While having photos and videos are great, verifying that each page optimization is up to par helps patients discover what they are searching for in an efficient manner. Finally, each page should have clear navigation to the call to action form. After navigating to the form, verifying this form is functioning properly is crucial to the future of your medical practice.


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