We make strategic decisions, measure performance and set goals based on research data that helps grow your healthcare practice.

We understand that patients are the most important in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to focus on your strong online presence with potential patients due to today’s highly competitive marketplace. Consumers and patients are continuing to use online resources when searching health-related research. We want you to be the source and solution for that research to attract new patients and remain profitable.

At Social Integration, we use our advanced digital marketing tools to help engage and acquire new patients to your healthcare practice and promote your brand within your area.

Strategies for a Powerful Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaign


Website Management

Grabbing and keeping the attention of potential patients on your website can be difficult with the amount of content there is to consume on the internet. Having proper website management such as easy navigation compels the visitor to take action to call or set up an appointment. We are experts at designing responsive healthcare websites that function on any device enabling your healthcare practice more opportunities to reach the right target audience.


SEO & Content Management

Google is a major driving factor of visitors to healthcare practices and if you’re not easily visible on search engines you are losing on potential opportunities. Generating rich keyword research and website content will help you rank significantly higher than your competition on search engines and results in more brand awareness in your area while driving more traffic to your website.


Reputation Management

Focusing on reputation management gives your healthcare practice the ability to gain trust and credibility with the community through accurate reviews. Consumers turn to the internet for advice from others that may be in the same situation or searching the same information. As a result, having accurate reviews and a positive image online attracts more patients and genuine positive testimonials. Our reputation management experts always stay aligned with your specialization, keeping true to your principles and image.


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising drives traffic to your website through pay-per-click ads that are targeted to the demographic that you want to reach. By narrowing down the age, gender, or geographical targeting your healthcare practice will get more valuable clicks and quality traffic to your website.


Social Media Management

Having a strong social media presence is important now more than ever with over 3.5 billion people using social media on a daily basis. It is not only used for entertainment, but it is also used to connect brands and users together. It has truly become an integral role in consumer buying habits. Establishing and maintaining a social media account gives your healthcare practice an opportunity ahead of the competition to connect with the community and present your brand.

Social Integration really helped our company rebrand itself digitally! They keep up with the changes to keep our business strong and thriving while always reaching our target audience

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